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Today Bed and Breakfasts, Inns and Guesthouses offer a first class alternative to hotels and this website has been design specifically to help you find and book a B&B more easily. The owners or proprietors take great pride in providing you with that special home from home experience. Room Rates include breakfast plus other no cost extras such as Free WiFi, multi channel TVs and that personal touch that often makes the stay more memorable. Once a booking is made you are always dealing directly with with the owner or manager of the accommodation ensuring that your personal requirements are met, you are not double booked and cancellation is easy. By dealing directly with your B&B, Inn or Guesthouse, special dietary other needs or special rates can be easily requested. Gästehaus und Pension Reservierung

Check Your Booking any time anywhere, on your unique online "Booking Status Page".

Book a B&B is part of a worldwide B&B Booking Service that makes it easy to find and book B&Bs. These are often closer to those areas of outstanding beauty that are a "must see" when traveling in distant lands.and provide a better insight in local culture, music and cuisine.

Currently, Book a B&B does not display B&Bs in all of the 133 countries shown - these will gradually become available as B&Bs, Inns and Guesthouses activate their booking systems and provide a B&B reservation service.

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In using website you accept the Terms and Conditions below is managed & operated for and on behalf of B&B Owners and Managers. The website is an integral part of the Worldwide Bed and Breakfast Booking Service.

The accommodation featured on this website is offered by the owner, manager or agent and it is their responsibility to ensure the availability and accuracy of the information contained herein. The content of this website constitutes an invitation to make a booking with the accommodation owner, manager or agent. Offers on this website are made by the individual B&B Owners and they have a reasonable obligation to provide accommodation made in those offers. "Book a B&B" has no responsibility for providing accommodation, the description of the accommodation or guaranteeing room rates are correct.

Whilst "Book a B&B" take every reasonable care in the provision of the technical services associated with this website, no warranties, promises or representations of any kind, express or implied, are given with regard to performance, availability of service or accessibility to specific content.

"Book a B&B" are neither responsible nor liable for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies, misleading statements or representations made in any information displayed on this website by the owner, manager or agent of the accommodation nor accept responsibility for any consequences arising therefrom.

"Book a B&B" shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature (direct, indirect, consequential or other) which may arise as a result, directly or indirectly, from the use of this website, any information or material contained in this website, access to any other information, material via web links from this site or any inability to access this website.

All materials, code and scripts, including the database on this site are subject to copyright and remain the property of "Book a B&B" developers. Users are not entitled to copy any part of this website without the express written permission of "Book a B&B".

Data Protection: will not disclose personally identifiable information about persons making enquiries for accommodation to any third parties. In this respect personal privacy is assured and all important personal and transaction data is secure, encrypted during transmission and password protected.

Booking Fees: If your booking is DECLINED for any reason your booking fee is automatically refunded. However, fees are not refundable if you cancel the booking and you should make sure that you have travel insurance to cover this event.

By accessing any part of this site, you are be deemed to have accepted these Terms in full. These Terms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, Irish law.

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Please use the email form on the left to send us general enquiries. B&B owners should read the B&B Owners Section before sending enquiries.

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Your Bookings

  1. By Email (Please check your spam filter)
  2. By updating your online booking status page

Your booking is usually confirmed (or declined) by the B&B host within 24 hours. This is done in using 2 separate methods.

EMAILS: Please do not rely on receiving emails confirming your booking. Why? Because many Internet Service Providers have over zealous settings on their spam filters and emails are not always delivered. This is often the case for emails sent from automated booking systems.

BOOKING STATUS PAGE: ( Non-delivery of confirmation emails has become a problem for many but "BOOK a B&B" has resolved this problem with the introduction of an ONLINE BOOKING STATUS PAGE on which you can check the following:-

  • Read the details of your booking - dates - room type etc.
  • Check that your booking has been confirmed
  • Check B&B Details - Address - Website URL - Email - Phone
  • Advise your estimated time of arrival
  • View a map of the B&Bs location
  • Link to B&B Advisor to write a review
  • Send Email directly to B&B
  • Read the B&Bs Cancelation Policy
  • Print out all details above
  • Cancel a Booking

Booking Terms

Guests: If you booking is declined for any reason your booking fee will be refunded automatically. Additionally, remembering that B&Bs are privately owned businesses and may not operate for 365 days of the year, your booking fee will also be refunded automatically if your booking is not confirmed within 4 days.

Booking Fees: are not refundable if you cancel the booking for any reason and you should make sure that you have travel insurance to cover this event.

By making a booking with a B&B, you accept and agree to the specific "cancellation and no-show policy" of that B&B. If your B&B takes any advanced payment, please read the cancellation policy in their confirmation email.

Please note that certain special offers and all last minute deals are not eligible for refunds.

The terms of booking are always available on you booking status page

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